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What We Believe

Though the size of our customers and the scope of their needs will vary, we are always committed to providing each and every one of them with quality, value, competitiveness, and our outstanding customer service.

100% customer satisfaction is, and always has been the basis of our success.

Command products are sought after by the people who use them every day.  People who use Command products are committed to quality...on their machines and in the products they make.




Who We Are

At Command Tooling Systems we design and manufacture precision CNC toolholding products for any industry ranging from your basic job shop to the high precision needs of the medical field.

By combining our advanced technologies with our global network, we are able to continually present new, improved, and innovative tooling options for all the industries we serve.

What We Do

Command offers distributors numerous standard and live tooling options (click here to view our products page) for a number of industry machines.  We stock all of our products in-house, and have a one week turnaround on live tooling items stocked by our parent company EWS Tool Technologies in Germany.  We also provide reaming and boring options through our partner Urma AG in Switzerland.

If you are an end-user looking for Command Tooling products, just give us a call and we can recommend one of our preferred distributors in your area to assist you.

In addition to our stock tooling options, we also provide special tooling designed and manufactured to your unique specifications and application.  You can expect a quote from us on specials within 48 hours and we typically have a 4-6 week turnaround depending on the size of your needs.

Command also has an in-house repair department that offers prompt response times and 100% satisfaction.  We service and inspect all of the products we sell.  Our repair team is specially trained by the manufacturers to ensure you receive quality service, professional workmanship, and the best pricing on parts.  For instructions on how to send your tooling to us for repair or inspection click here.