1981 - Command Tooling Systems LLC was founded and began manufacturing toolholders in Anoka, Minnesota.

1982 - First fully grounded “V” Flange toolholders were produced.

1987 - Command began stocking and selling balanced toolholders.

1988 - Command formed a strategic alliance with URMA AG of Switzerland to bring high precision reaming and boring tools to the US market.

1991 - Market goes stagnant.  Command prepares for recovery by building inventory.

1994 - Market recovers and Command’s business booms due to availability of inventory.

1996 - Command expanded its operation by relocating to its current Ramsey, Minnesota facility.

1997 - Command was purchased by an investment company and continued expanding on its product offerings under the new ownership.

2008 - Command was purchased by EWS Tool Technologies of Uhingen, Germany with subsidiaries in Korea, Russia and China.

2009 - Economy goes into recession and Command uses time to develop new tooling line.

2011 - Command introduces its first line of driven tools for Swiss machines.

Today - Command continues to manufacture a wide variety of products at its current location, in addition to selling EWS and URMA products.  The engineering group at Command continually works to develop new products and special tool holding in order to stay in front of the ever-changing market.