New Product Release: Gemini

September 17, 2021

Command Tooling Systems Launches New Gemini Tool Fixtures for CT40
4 Versatile Fixture Options to Choose From – Lock and Unlock in Seconds!

RAMSEY, MINNESOTA, September, 2021

Make your tool holding a snap with our NEW Gemini tool holding fixture. We are expanding our lineup of new products to include the highly anticipated introduction of heavy-duty tool fixtures. These new innovative products provide you the flexibility wanted, durability you depend on, and the ease of use needed.

Each of our Gemini tool fixtures have great benefits to include:

• Quick and easy Lock-in System makes it the fastest and easiest on the market today. Snap on clamps securely lock tool in place for dependable performance. Lock and unlock in seconds!
• 100% Made in the U.S.A., Minnesota
Laser cut, corrosion resistant, thick steel base plate. Anodized aluminum ring with stainless steel buttons.

• 4 versatile fixture layouts to choose from:
• Gemini G1–G4 Product Dimensions:
5.5"–6.40"H x 4.75"W
6 lbs. total unit weight
Holds all types of CT40 tooling

Command Tooling Systems designs and manufactures precision CNC toolholder products for any industry ranging from your machine shop to the high-end precision needs of the medical field.

If you would like more information about these new
Gemini tool fixtures, please call Dan Ball, Sales Manager,
at 763-576-6340 or email at


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