The New Command

August 28, 2009

The New Command

2011 will mark the 30th anniversary of Command Tooling Systems. I remember it as if it was yesterday, when Niels Sunquist (Sunny) started his new venture, manufacturing steep taper tooling, on Hanson
Boulevard in Coon Rapids, Minn. Command built a substantial business, producing tooling for milling machines for approximately 16 years and established a strategic alliance with URMA in Switzerland. An investment company bought Command in 1997.

After a 10-year ownership by the investment company, I was very encouraged when in January of 2008 the German company EWS acquired Command to supplement their group. EWS is headquartered in Uhingen, Germany, near Stuttgart, and is a 50 year-old privately held manufacturer of Lathe tooling. The EWS South Korea facility produces turrets for the Asian market.

This new partnership gives us the strategic advantage of German, Korean, Swiss, and American engineering within a domestic production facility and provides Command the opportunity to cover tooling needs for machining centers, lathes, and multi-purpose machines.

In September of 2009, after so many years of promoting Command products in the distributor community, I joined Frank and Matthias Weigele, brothers and co-owners of EWS, to become president of Command Tooling.

We are reclaiming lost ground, forging ahead and are focusing on partnering with machine tool builders, distribution and end users. Our major customers are expressing renewed confidence in Command—a reflection of our commitment to a new future.

Be looking for good things to come from our combined engineering departments, new products to be brought to market yet this year. We recently presented to the market the “Drill Star,” which is a tool holder allowing you to hold three different I.D. tools in one holder for multi-purpose machines.

Our partner “URMA” is the leader in “hole making” technology and if you haven’t seen their latest boring head technology and reamer product, you could be missing out on major cost saving opportunities.

Our goal is to be the tooling technology supplier of choice in the U.S. market. We are on our way.

Learn More About the New Command/EWS

We invite you to learn more about our products and services. See the New Command at this year’s IMTS in Chicago, Booth W-2331.

Nick Martin
President, Command Tooling Systems, LLC

Command 2010 and Beyond
Command is emerging from a challenging season, prepared to deliver quality and innovative tooling to the market. One such example includes their line of driven and static tools. Command supplies “Capto” and “KM,” and offers a lower cost but equally effective EWS quick change system, “Varia.”

Whatever the customer’s need for lathe tools, it is likely to be satisfied in Command’s new product offerings. The sales force is being trained on products and applications. This is no small feat, considering Command/EWS’s aggressive push to market with new and innovative products for the machine tool industry.

“Regarding product development, we have the benefit of our partnership with EWS. We are sharing technologies with a very powerful company and we will use that to our advantage,” said Chuck Berg, director of engineering.

Command manufactures its entire product line in a 54,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Ramsey, Minn. They have positioned themselves to capture their share of the market based on superior performance in some key areas:

The Power of Partnership:  Opportunity
▶▶ Together, EWS and Command create an unstoppable team for engineering innovation and growth. The companies are capitalizing on the combined power of German and American engineering and sharing resources. Their shared buying power keeps the price of purchased materials and hardware low. Their private ownership makes them incredibly nimble in the decision making process.

▶▶ “Our ability to leverage U.S. and German engineering resources places us significantly ahead of the competition,” enthused Bahti Hanedar, international business manager. “From my perspective, we must continue driving towards innovation and capitalize on each company’s strengths; we already see it happening in the engineering and design departments.”

Engineering: Product Development, Speed of Response
▶▶ “What makes us unique is that our engineering team responds so quickly,” said Berg. “Typically, engineering is seen as the bottleneck for operations. We provide concept tooling and approved drawings, all internally, within a few days rather than a few weeks. This often is a problem area; we have made it a strength.”

▶▶ “We also are finding a great market in ‘specials,” Berg continued. “We design and manufacture custom tooling, and we do it both quickly and efficiently. This ability affords us a marked advantage above our competitors.”

▶▶ Command offers repair services on any brand name of driven tools and their service technicians are trained in Germany. EWS has experience and so does Command.

Innovation: From Design to Manufacture
▶▶ Command currently is in the development phase for several new tools, scheduled for introduction in 2010. “Our vision is to be the market leader in precision tool holding,” said Berg. “Significant growth definitely is ahead of us. We are combining powerful manufacturing resources in the United States and Germany to offer the broadest line in the marketplace.”
The Command Team
▶▶ Command also works very closely with its customers through the entire process of a tool’s development. “We have the capacity in-house to take a job from design to manufacturing,” explained Nick Martin, president. “Tooling is what we do, it is our priority. This isn’t simply a portion of our business; this is our business. And nobody does it better.”

▶▶ Our work goes beyond drawings,” added Hanedar. “We provide test verification of manufacturing processes. We assist in process development to maximize efficiency and productivity.”