Command Tooling Systems' core product lines are organized into four (4) distinct product classes under the same Command Tooling Systems brand.

In addition to our core products, we also distribute products through our affiliate lines:

  • Hydraulic Sleeves - RegoFix
  • Tool Holding Carts - StorLoc, Classic Enterprises, and Huot
  • ThemoLock Shrink Machines - Bilz

Our goal is to provide the most useful and superior tools you can buy.

Command Tooling Systems is the technology leader in toolholder manufacturing for high-precision machining operations.  Command manufactures standard, precision, and special application tooling systems to service the needs of the manufacturing community in just about any industry.

No other manufacturer in the world offers such a variety of products than Command Tooling's parent company EWS Tool Technologies of Germany.  With over 50 years of experience manufacturing lathe tooling, EWS provides over 35,000 static and live tools for more than 100 machine builders worldwide.

Command Tooling's line of high performance Swiss-made reamer and boring application products are manufactured by Urma AG of Switzerland.  Known internationally as premier machining products, Urma's tooling lines offer precision technology and essential problem solving to the manufacturing world.