- Receipt - Upon receipt of your tool, it is assigned a tracking number that will identify your property throughout the inspection and repair process.

Inspection – Our service department performs a thorough inspection, documenting the repair needs of your tool and listing the required steps to restore your tool to working condition.

48 hour Estimates – Our Customer Service department will notify you of the cost and repair time involved to restore your tool.  If the tool was deemed to be un-repairable you will be given a quote for a new replacement tool and your un-repairable tool will be returned to you.  There is a $50 charge for all inspections.  This fee will be used towards the cost of repair if you choose to have us complete the work.

Repair – All wear items are replaced and the tool is returned to a workable condition.

Testing – After repair your tool is tested to ensure it meets all required specifications.





Need a Repair?

Our Service and Repair department offers prompt response and 100% satisfaction.  Our friendly team always goes the extra mile to ensure you receive quality service, professional workmanship, and the best pricing on parts.  We service and inspect all Command Tooling Systems products, as well as EWS driven tool holders and URMA products.


Return Instructions

For all Repairs and/or Inspections please contact our Customer Service department for a Return Authorization Number and Shipping Instructions.

Please note:  We cannot guarantee a response on tools sent in for repair/inspection without a Return Authorization number.

Dial toll free 1-800-328-2197
Hours of Operation are 7:30AM and 5:00PM Central Standard Time

Once your tool is received, tagged and evaluated you will be contacted with a cost and repair time estimate.

Please note: All damaged parts will be kept for 30 days at which time they will be discarded unless we receive a customer request to return them.